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1/23/24 ~ More

Well, ate ok today. Progress. Planned tomorrows workday so I can spend the morning with Gabby, Rowan and KJ. I'm going to head out early.

Excited to find I'm on my last Jeep payment. Yay!

Took a long nap after work. 12 stops today after a great presentation by the boss. Great teamwork with J.

Feel like I have a lot to do because I do. Isn't that how life should be?

One thing I've been thinking, I need to break things off with G.

And I need to get in a pool. Exercise. I'm not dancing as much.

And keep the momentum with my book.

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Good morning! From a second night on the sofa! My sheets are in the dryer. I have mixed feelings about yesterday. On one hand, he was sweet. We met for brunch and spent like 3 hours at Cracker Barrel.


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