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11/24 ~ Some Negative

I have to add a little negative thinking. I didn't want to tarnish a perfect morning post with it but...

I had a dream that woke me up this morning. He was walking fast around the corner of a house a couple doors down from me. And he was surprised to see me standing in front of my house. And I realized, I had just enough time to run back into my house and lock it up!

Apparently, this guy, the love-bomber, has really creeped me out. I'm ok, and very grateful he has moved on. I didn't hear from him yesterday even though we'd made tentative plans. Whew!

Also, yesterday, I didn't call my brother back. 😢 I'm really worried about how he's going to react. I just can't pretend everything is ok right now with him. Mom was too sad when I saw her last. And I'm processing how long it's been since we saw each other, and the fact that I don't, and won't, know my nieces if things continue the way they are.

Dear Lord, if you're there, please help me make the right decisions when it comes to him. He hurts too.

And he is not going to like some things I am saying in my book.

In my book, I speak kindly about my mother and step-father, because I believe they deserve it.

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