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12/24 Addendum

I sit in a house without properly run washer. I can't shower. I have to be careful.

I have a lawnmower that broke on the side of my house. An eye with a red scratch beside it from a rock that flung out from under the mower. I don't know when it'll be taken care of, replaced.

I have dogs that have been couped up in the house for days and no energy to walk them.

I have a rental car because my jeep's broken and a part is on order.

I have only so much space left on my credit cards.

I sit with disappointment, because he chose another woman over me on Friday.

I'm too fat for half my clothes.

I need to go to the store. Write. Nap. Walk dogs. What do I really NEED?

I need my grandson to not come into this world until I'm better! I need my stuffy nose to get well.

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