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3/20/24 ~ More

I had the most validating counseling session with my new counselor this afternoon.

I have really been struggling with familial relationships lately and with very good reason.

We made it a goal of mine to work on improving them. Or how I deal with them. However it will play out.

I have renewed hope in my book and its ability to help others. Relationships can be so complicated. I went into detail about it in the book for a reason, it's imperative to living life in recovery to try to understand the perspective of others. To sort through relationships. To figure out which ones are working and which are not and why.

I was abandoned throughout my pregnancy in 1998-1999.

I was called a thief and a liar because of something I did I can't remember when I was manic in 2006.

But I still love and need them both.

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