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A Letter to Myself

I'm sitting outside a complex waiting for it to open... with a little time on my hands. It crossed my mind...

How many other individuals have letters written to themselves taped up on the wall beside their bathroom vanity, simply saying, "Congratulationa for making it through the day!?" Because I do.

People who work on themselves do all kinds of neat little tricks like this all the time. The letter I have is actually quite a bit more.

It asks myself, how was my day? If good, congrats! Share it with someone. If not, it's ok! Tomorrow will be better! It says a little more then has a list of things that I might do for the rest of the evening, all spelled out.

Why would anyone need something like this? Because when you're feeling bad, it's easy to forget there are things that can be done to help your mood! And when one is feeling well, how nice to actually see it, know it, and remember it happened. Periods of depression can last awhile, so remembering moments of wellness, and maybe identifying new contributing factors... can only help!

My current list includes take a bath, journal, blog (sometimes the negative thoughts require actual paper and privacy)... take meds is there, plan for my next day of work... Read.

I wish I could add, "Call my boyfriend." Lol. But... don't really have one at the moment! Which is totally fine. I think. At 9:56am. Let's see how I feel at 9:57M! That's a joke!

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