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A Little Crazy

So... I went just a little crazy today driving around for work, with loads on my mind. Being alone in my car isn't always helpful!

I finished up around three and allowed myself a nap since I had a chapter of reading to do in prep for tomorrow and I could do that anytime tonight. Getting on second base with prospects. I already read the sales book once so it was an easy review.

I just picked up the puzzle that I started the other day. I can put it away and go get another one that will match the decor of my house. I have a big empty wall in my dining room, the perfect place for it. It's an act of self care to remove things that will bring about negative thinking.

Just relaxing, thinking about what I might have in the freezer for dinner since I still haven't gone grocery shopping. A benefit of living alone, it hurts no one to put things off sometimes. Big Bang Theory on the TV.

Maybe a nice long bath. An episode of Suits.

Maybe I'm done crying. It's true that it has felt good to just let a little out today. It beats being angry.

Today I was thinking, maybe I need to talk to my doctor about my meds, weight gain and lack of energy. Maybe I need to think about seeing a therapist and figuring out how to find more satisfaction with life. What else can I do? Personal responsibility is a key recovery concept.

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