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A Period of Normalcy

I really wish I could get used to how I've been feeling the past couple of days. It's like a contentment. Like I don't have any worries and everything is going to be fine. I've come to terms with the way things are right now. I can be patient.

I did wear myself out a little running this weekend but I stayed out of trouble. Friday night I have my overnight visitor. Rowan was sweet and good. We spent a good amount of time together yesterday too, and then again today. She was adorable in the movie Barbie and hung in like a trooper. Not falling asleep until about 10 min before the movie ended. (See the photo)

Last night I drank but not too much. I went to Tonya's birthday party and it was a great turnout. Good conversation, fantastic pool weather. We all went to Huddle Up after and watched the band Tease. Pretty great hair cover band never disappoints! I came straight home when my friends went home, noting I had the energy to keep going but passing on the drive by bull ride. Lol

That is it for my weekend with the exception of taking a long nap this afternoon and getting a bunch of jigsaw puzzle hours in. I haven't heard from my traveler today which stinks, but he's not really mine, is he?

I hope tomorrow is another "normal"-feeling day. I'm feeling rested. I also wouldn't mind another nice dream.

Good night!

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