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Alone and Fine

Well, it looks like the weekend I thought was going to be wonderful isn't so, but it's ok.

I get plenty of good mornings without his. I have plenty of things to do with my time without needing to spend any of it with him. And I need to re-focus my thoughts to the future, positively, and keep working on myself and setting goals.

I'd really like to buy another house someday. I hate where I live but won't be able to beat the rent anywhere else so I'll stay put this year.

My job is ok. I can make it work for awhile. I need to create an access database to better manage my reports. Once done, I think my supervisor will love it. I can probably have it completed before he returns from his vacation.

It might not be the best job, but it pays bills and affords me some flexibility to work on other things.

About last night, I'm not going to say much more about it. I don't want to worry my family. I can say I'm super grateful that someone checked on me after my post this morning. ❤️💕

I spent some time rafting with friends today which was really nice, but stressful because we almost had a crisis getting into the river and less fun for me than it should have been because I had trouble taking my mind off last night and the stupid thing I did. Since getting home I've done nothing but nap, veg out and binge the Twilight saga. Eat left over pizza and try not to think about last night. Showered to get the river water off of me.

Tomorrow, I need to get the dogs out of the house. I need groceries. Some healthy groceries because I've gained weight. Even had to buy a bigger bathing suit yesterday! Ugh!

I think I'll pack up the puzzle and pick up a different one, the one I'd put on my own wall.

And there's always the baby pool in the shed that could be cleaned up for Rowan. We may be getting some thunderstorms though so that could wait.

Good night 😘

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