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April 18, 2024 ~ Thurs

Good morning! It’s a beautiful one!

I had my counseling appt and felt good leaving. Talked about a bad habit of mine and the possibility of quitting.

Win in both 8 and 9 ball last night. I needed that win in 9-ball. It had been a minute!

I really allowed myself to sit and enjoy my oool team last night instead of trying to go home as soon as possible. I feel like I always do that and it’s not very supportive of my teammates. It helps that we have a new player who’s super nice too.

I’m coming to the conclusion that I just flat out need to make more money and a job that’s more satisfying. I need it. Doesn’t mean I’ll be able to find it. But it wouldn’t hurt to start looking. Ugh. Another change!

Time to get ready for work.

Meds/vitamins. Water. Coffee. Dogs. Facebook. Blog.

Have an amazing day!

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