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April 3, 2024 ~ Weds

Yesterday wore me out! Had a sales meeting in the morning then met with owner of co on the phone for over an hour. He's exhausting! What he's asking of us now is too much. Ugh

Lunch with Kathy was great, then brought in a big lead for the company. Home to rest!

Spoke to EG for two hours on the phone, then finished reading Don't Sweat the Small Stuff, finally. For a small book it really took a long time. Pick it up, put it down. Trouble reading.

Have a full day on the road planned and it's raining. Yuck.

Helping Gabby at noon with the babies. She has a call.

Pool tonight. I hope I'm up for it. And I need to start winning again!

I think I've successfully navigated through some of the negative thinking. Still haven't had a conversation. 😢

Meds/vitamins. Dogs. Coffee. News. Facebook.

I'm grateful for my kids and my dogs. My freedom. Options. Health.

Have a good day.

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