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April 5, 2024 ~ Friday

Updated: Apr 11

Good morning! I skipped writing yesterday because I had a really busy morning. I crashed early on weds and didn't get all of my stops in for work so.. had to make a careful workday plan for yesterday to make it up and... I did!

I made like 15 stops yesterday AND worked on my laptop at home until 5:30 after. It needed to be done.

Weds night won in 8-ball lost in 9-ball. EG came and hung out with the team again which was nice.

Poor G. Called and he had to put his dog down. He had a really bad day. And was packing to go out of town for work. I'm never going to see him now because his employer was giving him flexibility to be home to take care of his dog. His job will primarily be in the gulf now.

I stayed home again last night. Good for my purse, good for my health. A bad night for progress though because I stayed glued to my phone. Do what I have to do to stay home and preoccupy my mind!

I can officially say I will be 50 next month. Oy!!

The dogs are still a little itchy but I think the fleas are gone. Baths in the morning will tell for sure I think. I haven't seen any. We received Diesel's new eye med in the mail and started it officially. Poor guy. Maybe now he'll be able to see better!

I'm feeling okay. Need to plan a day for work. Scratch that. I'm feeling pretty good. Energy isn't 100% but I actually got some sleep. I started taking melatonin 2 nights ago instead of nenedryl and it may be working. I'm waiting on my morning meds to kick in a little, a little groggy. Worse things. Worth the price of a good night's sleep.

I have a boatload of things to take care of this weekend. Bath dogs. Clean house. Get nails done. Visit kids. Replace shower curtain. Get some groceries. Visit Meg, who had surgery this week. I may have a night of games with Ski. This may be the weekend to get a new lawnmower. It's a jungle out there! And I need to get a headlight fixed on my jeep.

I've decided just to give her space. If she needs time away from me then that's what she'll have. 😌 it's not my fault that everything has gone the way it has. We have to share responsibility and move on.

About my book, I'm still thinking on it. There are some things I can change. I don't even know how I can afford to publish at this point anyway. I have time.

Meds/vitamins. Dogs. Coffee. News. Facebook. Water. Blog.

I'm grateful for my kids and my ability to see them every week. EVERY WEEK! 🥰 and my itchy dogs. And my freedom. And my health.

Have an amazing day!

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