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April 6, 2024 ~ Saturday

Updated: Apr 11

Well! A switch in sleeping aides from Benadryl to melatonin made a difference!

Yesterday... woke up at 7am after 8-9 hrs sleep. Planned a good workday after my morning routine. Headed out. After getting gas and while waiting to take my jeep through a car wash I noticed the check engine light was on. Went to my mechanic to discover it was simply I hadn't put the gas cap on tight enough! But, went ahead and had them fix a headlight that was out which needed to be done.

Ran my full workday and squeezed in a quick visit with my babies AND dropped flowers off to Meg who just had surgery.

The miracle. On the way home, at 4:30, I realized I wasn't exhausted. I had the energy to pick up my medication from the pharmacy. What?? Normally I'm home and crashed, hating life at that time of day. On to the pharmacy I went.

After that, I realized I still had energy and, with meds at another pharmacy, the one in the place where I buy groceries... off I went. I did my grocery shopping and picked up those meds too!

Too it off... getting home at 6:30 or so... I made myself a steak on the grill and ate it and a salad for dinner. And walked BOTH dogs around the block.

I even wrote a little in my book using my phone at one point in the day. I realized it was missing something VERY important, making the most of your time with your kids when they don't live with you. Wonderful memories can still be made! I can't believe I forgot to put that in the book before.

And started working on a project with my friend EG. We're going to try to head up a new networking group together. I was a little creative.

And I have the Dugout a little extra social media attention. Re-posted an ad for them for musicians. Without being asked.

It was an amazing day!!!

I stayed home last night and made a mistake after that, getting stuck in a Netflix series, This is Us. A really good show! I stayed up way too late and am feeling it now, but it's okay. I still feel good.

Today, I believe a visit with my babies is in order and baths for the dogs. They're still itchy but I haven't seen a flea in days. Whew! I need to clean my house. Get my nails done. Maybe shop for a lawnmower. Update records for work. Design ads for the week for the Dugout.

It's gorgeous outside. Maybe I'll squeeze in a walk in the park with the dogs.

Meds/vitamins. Dogs. Coffee. News. Facebook. Water. Blog.

Have an amazing day!

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