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April 9, 2024 ~ Tues

Updated: Apr 11

Good morning!

Had a busy workday yesterday though most of it at home. Training someone on a process that will be changing soon. Oy.

Had to take a car seat to someone because I brought it home on accident sun night! lpl. A nice but super quick visit. Rowan was cute. I told her I had a great time with her over the weekend. She told me she loved the car wash. lol. She also called me beautiful. I told her she’s beautiful AND smart!

Bought myself a little Easter violet plant I’m going to keep by my bed. My grandpa used to grow violets. The lighting should be perfect in my bedroom.

Walked the dogs yesterday. It’s been almost every day this week for both! Poor Diesel has a limp. It’s been 3 days. A little longer and we’ll be going back to the vet! He also didn’t eat his dinner last night.

Designed and scheduled new ads through Thurs.

Sat in the backyard in the 75 degree weather. :)

Had a short visit from G last night. He fell asleep on the sofa the poor thing. He was sweet and told me he’d loan me any amount of money I need to take care of Diesel, just ask. 🥰

Up early but feel okay. Need to get ready for an 8:30 sales meeting.

Meds/vitamins. Coffee. Water. Dogs. News. Facebook. The blog has been good at reminding me to start drinking more water in the morning.

Diesel’s sleeping in sweetly. 🥰❤️ Snuggled up to me.

Looking at summer-y weather today. Yay!

I’m SOOO grateful for my position as MiMi! And for my health today.

Have an amazing day! I’m going to listen a little to my PepTalk app!

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