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August 1, 2023 ~ A Day

I slept ok last night and woke up at 5:30 ready to work. Entered info into work database from yesterdays appts. Created and scheduled MMM advertisement, didn't have time to plan the workday but figured it would come together later anyway. Half the day would be spent in Norfolk, sales training and meeting.

Hit the road in time to be early but cut it close anyway, after missing an exit. I'm just not the best in the morning sometimes!

On the way I called him. He really has been trying hard just to get ready for his trip. South Dakota isn't exactly close. I really just need attention. Wish I didn't. But I do. Don't we all?

The sales meeting went ok. We got some things out in the open as a group, worked through some challenges. Did some role playing and summarized the chapter. Finally feeling comfortable and over my little issue with my supervisor. We clearly just don't have the most effective tools for doing out jobs and we're doing our best.

On the way back to Richmond I picked up and dropped off some road trip goodies. Was hoping for a hug but he wasn't there.

I went by Gabbie's to regroup and plan the second half of my workday. We had a really nice conversation. Love her! It looks like I may be getting Rowan for an overnight Friday night which is going to be really nice. It's been a few weeks.

5 stops... then home for the rest of my pizza and R&R. Im sure my babies would like a walk in the park but I just don't have the energy. In fact, I think a nap is in order.


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