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August 11, 2023 ~ Friday

Today we're supposed to wrap up our administrative project a bit, thank goodness. Unfortunately, it means driving to a Gather location to office space in Newport News. I need to leave at 7:15 to be there by 8:30am. Ugh. It'll be good to be back on the road next week though. Let's do this!

I'm disappointed how grumpy I got this week with life. Factors: boredom (finished puzzle), alcohol (drank Mon), work stress coming from my supervisor (he's going to go to part-time work soon as a result of it), loneliness (trying not to dwell on dating situation too much), lack of energy (why?? Diet), feeling fat.

Is it actually that it would be my time of the month, if I had those? Possible! I always felt like such an idiot when I figured that out over the years. Birth control prevents me from knowing this for sure now. It's good to think it's not mental health issues but something so normal.

I can't get motivated to start getting ready and time's about up. Dogs check. Meds check. Coffee check. Mem exercise - was ready for me so check. Glanced at social media. Listened to news. Bed made (but dogs and covers need cleaned!) Ads were designed and scheduled last night.

Slept well considering I had an afternoon nap. I have to quit getting upset about not getting to sleep too early if I've had a 5pm nap. What do I expect!

I'm grateful for my kids, my dogs, my job. A note from mem exercise this morning was "Remember why you work." I work because of my dogs and the need for this yard. I should check in on mom today and I need to call my brother this weekend.

No weekend plans yet. DANCE as if I need to lose weight because I do! Oh. And look closely at diet. Shop for food!! One friend, heart attack. Another, stroke. And another, cancer removal surgery this week. We're all getting older!

Have an amazing day!

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