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August 14, 2023 ~ Catch Up

So Fri was a pretty tough day at work soooo.. I played all weekend. Well, I realized it's also almost the end of summer so, playing means went to the lake with friends both Sat and Sun. It was fun! Also danced a bit Fri and Sat. It was just a good weekend.

JD came home safe and isn't in a hurry to see me.

Now... this morning... I learned that the project continues out of Newport News for work FOR A MONTH possibly. I didn't sign on to commuting like this. I wonder if my boss is trying to upset me. He was a bit negative in a meeting on Friday over our project and he was sending all kinds of texts to us yesterday, on Sunday, to be read today.

Needless to say... my routine is all messed up. Feeling ok though.

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