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August 18, 2023 ~ Friday

Good sleep, meds, dogs, blog. Actually designed an overdue ad this morning and drank some coffee. Check check check. Mem exercise not ready in app, but an attempt was made so it counts! My throat is no longer sore so I don't need to cancel my fri night date! Rowan!

Only have a minute before I need to leave for Newport News for what may be my last day dedicated to our project. Oy. Turns out my boss didn't know how far of a drive it is for me. Thoughtful man.

About my traveler... I woke up and realized this week, I actually have a photo of him with another woman, thanks to him. I'm not going to go into it now except to say that somewhere in his brain he rationalized sending it to me. He's either not very smart, trying to prove he wasn't with his ex-wife, or very cruel wanting to make me jealous. Either way, I just have to be done. Unless there is some type of major turnaround Jerry McGuire type of scene created, which I know there won't be. Enough is enough.

I let on to my parents last night that I know one has been reading my blog. ❤️❤️❤️ and I love it. It makes me feel like there's someone out there looking after me. Someone cares! I don't care if I have only 2 readers, just the thought that I'm thought of... warms my heart. And gives me a sense of security because otherwise, I'm very alone in this world.

I better get ready and hit the road. Have an amazing day!

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James Wood
James Wood
Aug 18, 2023

Good morning 🌞 Hope you have a wonderful day ❤️

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