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August 2, 2023 ~ Re-focus!

Woke up many times last night and ate cookies several different times. What?? My brain saying get them out of the house quick so I can get back on track? Literally, the peanut butter ones made from 7-11 and sold in a large pack at the front counter. Yummy! But I feel it in my tummy this morning. :( They're gone. Mental note: don't buy anymore!

Grocery List (it's been weeks I've been needing to shop). Add sleepy time tea. Try not to nap at 5PM too, that doesn't help my issue.

Did my memory exercise this morning... started yesterday's yesterday, but couldn't finish it then because my brain was on overload. It really felt under stress pressure. Couldn't read.

Still need to make my workday plan but am thinking may speed up if I shower first. Diesel interrupted the process when I had my laptop on my lap a minute ago insisting on snuggle time. Difficult to be mad at him! (The photo today). One of my memory cards was a reminder that we don't always need to use words to express ourselves. It prompted me to share just that photo on FB.

Usually I try to avoid intimate photos on FB abut I've been feeling a little open and vulnerable. It's a place to express myself. A photo taken of my dog in my bed? (And the second this week) It's ok.

I keep thinking... all of these memory and positive affirmations keep coming back to me being responsible for my own happiness. Well, in the past that has translated to me being able to make myself happy alone. But I'm not so sure that's necessary or true anymore. I think maybe I can give myself permission to be ok with "being ready" for a relationship and ok with seeing it as a logical step to being responsible for my happiness. Did that make sense? It's ok to see connecting with someone else as a new key for happiness. After all, I know what has made me happy in the past 6 months and what has not. Don't I?

*** This doesn't mean I should allow myself to be unhappy if the process doesn't go exactly as planned. Talking to myself now.

I turned off the news... mem exercise, check. Dogs... check... Blog post... check!!! Sit in silence and strategize day, including a pit stop at a grocery store for tea and bread, minimum, AND allocate time to thinking about a gym membership. And consider picking up an easy read from a library if I stumble on one while out.

Hugs back to you E!

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