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August 20, 2023 ~ A Great Weekend So Far!

Updated: Aug 20, 2023

I think the weekend has been pretty good for Rowan and I. We went to the zoo yesterday and though it was super hot, we had a great time. Took our time and relaxed some between animals and drank lots of water. Rowan had some ice cream. We enjoyed a train ride. She says her favorite animals were the kangaroos, because they hold babies in their bellies, but we didn't see any babies. They were adorable when they hopped though.

We had chicken nuggets for dinner and enjoyed her baby pool too. I was able to find it and my pump in the shed and it didn't require much to get ready. We pretended her mermaids were a mommy, daddy, and baby, and the daddy kept rescuing the baby from things. First, a snake, then a volcano, then a stranger. Even when the stranger had candy! We talked a lot about it. It was wonderful.

The movie choice, I can't remember the name of it. Something about a girl going to the moon. It had a sad scene in the end and Rowie cried, said missed her daddy so we cuddled. ❤️❤️ she's such an Angel.

Throw some play with dominoes and play dough in there... and singing Country Roads with her guitar.

This morning Rowan graduated from water colors to acrylic paints and started a three-d castle and two princesses. It was actually a little too much for her so she's going to finish them when she comes back. She tried to say she was done but hadn't used all of the colors yet so I said no. We'll just finish another time. It's a good opp to teach about not giving up on something too soon and wasting paint. She was good with it. She's usually a pretty agreeable girl.

It's almost time to take her home. Gabbie's making breakfast. I'll head to the lake and meet up with friends in a bit. It's another hot day!

Have an amazing one!

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James Wood
James Wood
Aug 20, 2023

Good morning 🌞 Sounds like you had a wonderful day yesterday. Hope you have a great one today as. Be safe my friend 🥰

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