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August 22, 2023 ~ Tuesday

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

Yesterday was kinda a day full of irritating challenges, specifically, with technology. I can't work to the best of my ability if I can't get my apps to work. Starting with using a CRM that I know we won't be using much longer and stopped working altogether on my phone, down to my stupid printer disconnected and won't reconnect with my home internet. I proactively made today's schedule last night in case I have trouble with these things again this morning.

I failed to get through to our business consultant in Newport News yesterday about today's schedule as well, so I won't be making the drive. I'm hoping he is not expecting me to. My supervisor agrees.

I napped again after work yesterday and it bothers me that I keep feeling I need to do this. My energy level just gets zapped throughout the day. I left a message for my doctor last week about whether or not I can mix vitamin B with my current meds but haven't heard back. I expect she'd say something like it is worth a try. I decided to go ahead a try it starting this morning. I did some research online and found it says to speak to my doctor if taking valtproic acid, but didn't find any horror stories to go with. I'll let the kids know. It's actually a B-Complex I'm taking.

Yay! Just heard my printed connect. Whew.

I liked a message received from my "I Am" app last night... it said something to the effect of "I am making progress, even if I don't yet know how." Kinda fits today. I like a Facebook reel I stumbled on this morning too. Talked about letting go if you aren't prioritized. And stop being available 24/7 to someone who is inconsistent. If someone really loves you, he will make you a priority. Ugh!

I still can't believe I was actually sent a picture of another woman, and almost let it slide. There was no bigger tale to tell in that picture than thoughtlessness, lack of understanding of human minds, lack of caring of feelings. There is absolutely no excuse. And me, wanting so much to just stay positive and remain available to him... I almost let that go.

A couple days ago I recognized how completely different my thought process can be about the subject of meeting someone new. Some days, so positive. Others, so apprehensive. I hate starting over. And it's easy to forget that if one person can accept me for all of my flaws, so might another.

One inescapable reality is that I am not getting any younger!

I heard some bad news yesterday. I don't know how old she was but my ex-husband's girlfriend passed away from a battle with a second heart attack. I don't think she was much older than me. I feel soooooo terrible for him! They'd been together nearly 3 years, I believe, meeting shortly after our separation. That was in May 2020.

I did good with my diet Sunday and Monday... let's see if I can do it again. I'm already starting to feel better, a little slimmer. It doesn't take many pounds coming off to feel a difference. Sunday... berries... jerky, pepperoni and cheese roll-ups. Almonds. Yesterday, jerky, hot dog no bun, almonds, chicken Caesar salad from Wendy's. Actually pretty good.

So I had pretty good sleep, have taken meds and vitamins, fed dogs, designed an ad for MMM and scheduled it, corrected my printer, written an extensive Blog post... even straightened up my laundry a bit. And researched meds online. Looks like I may be in for a good day. Oh... working on the new CRM as well. Progress while the boss is on vaca can only lead to good things.

Have an amazing day too!

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