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August 24, 2023 ~ Batting 1,000 Today! (or do you say 100?)

Woke up a little slow but feeling really good. Today is Day 5 of a perfect low-carb week, and I went line dancing again last night. I didn't dance near as much last night as Tues because my boots started hurting and I got frustrated from not knowing the songs, but I succeeded in breaking a sweat so I call it a win. Might go again tonight but not wear my boots!

Meds and vitamins check. Coffee check. 3rd morning to get eggs and sausage check. Dogs check. Actually managed to get my garbage out to the curb in time, after hearing the truck and finding it hadn't gone in my direction yet! I ran in my robe this time to get it because of spoiling eggs in the can! Daily planning for work was easier because of new program. Mem exercise check. Connected with supervisor. Super new ad design, excited about that. (Included in my post) Check.

Out of coffee, negative bank account, $10 left credit card and a little bit of cash but not sweating it because I get paid tomorrow. Yikes! But it will be ok. Note: No... don't go to Myrtle this weekend. Can't afford the gas. No lake, or at least explain to friends can't contribute this time. Will never be able to save up for a new house continuing on this path. Tax time next week. Prep this weekend. Also... fix office space once and for all??? Oy. Can family help me find cheap/free temporary desk?

This is a good day! Scheduling post for noon.

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