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August 30, 2023 ~ Things are Well

Good morning! Things have been going well! It's been a pretty active few days.

Adding the Vitamin B Complex to my diet and going low carb has been working well. I napped after work yesterday but it made sense since I did have to get up and get ready for the trip to Hampton. I may not be going to Newport News every day anymore, but I still have Tues morning 8:30am meetings.

And... after back to back sales meetings in the morning yesterday, I ended up in a meeting with the owner of the company and my supervisor that lasted 4 HOURS! I'm super proud of me for making it through and driving home (not to get home until after 5:30) without getting too tired. I did earn the nap!!

I'm feeling readily behind in my story... via my blog... but instead of writing a book I'll just sum it up! :)

Meds and vitamins check! Almost perfect low carb dieting and better control over my budget at the same time... check! Dogs are doing great. They had a wonderful, long trip out of the house on Sunday including like a 2 mile walk in the park so I'm super satisfied with that. My family and friends relationships are well.

Dating... going ok. Think things may not work with the gentleman who took me to a concert Friday and accompanied us on our walk Sunday, but it's ok! I'm pretty sure neither of us were feeling any sparks.

Swapped t-shirts with the traveler on Monday morning, closure. He actually asked me to have lunch with him, to which I said no. He has no clue. Goodbye.

I realize what I really need to do. I need to focus on buying another house. I'm feeling really good and getting ideas how to earn extra $$ to start putting away. I'm really excited comparing this year with last... that things are ok. More on that later.

Memory exercise this morning too. Check! Time to get ready for the day.

Have an amazing one!

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