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August 5, 2023 ~ Saturday

Had a nice night, pizza with Rowan and Wendy. Minions, popcorn. We slept well.

Had a lovely, slow morning. Unfortunately was tuned onto Flippy on Netflix lol. The 2023 version of Pee Wee Herman. Pretty good show for kids though. I was impressed. Took Rowan to the pet store, Fins, Feathers & Fur for the first time. Pretty stocked store. Then to the park, but it was too hot to stay too long. McDonald's for nuggies and a sandwich. Sweet Frog for yogurt.

We're waiting now on Gabbie to get home from WalMart. I'm due to a birthday party in a couple hours. It'll be nice to swim.

Tomorrow we see Barbie. :)

Missing someone. All day. Every day. And it's ok.

Feeling like a normal person. With a normal life and it feels good.

Oh, did my mem exercise, took care of dogs, had breakfast, designed and posted ad.

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