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August 6, 2023 ~ The Most Wonderful Dream

Updated: Aug 6, 2023

I had the most wonderful dream this morning. It was a reminder that whomever I fall in love with I also have open door access to another entire family. More people to love!

In my dream, I fell in love with a man who loved me back, no reference to how long it took to find the love. He had a huge family of sisters (brothers?) with young kids. They came upon hard times financially and were in a bind looking for a new home. With combined incomes, we ended up finding bigger and better for this large family to stay together in the end, with me.

It was a longer-type of dream and pretty detailed... throughout it I was getting to know individuals and taking "tests" and passing them... in other words, falling into a place of belonging, where I was falling in love with everyone and they were falling in love with me in return. I found a tribe and I fit! I made sense! And I was healthy and productive, and able to help.

A big reason I divorced a few years ago is I didn't feel like I fit into the family. My husband's sisters didn't care for me. It's ok, it's just how it was. I didn't feel comfortable around them and they didn't care to help me fix it. Their lives were complete, mine, I felt, was not.

It's absolutely amazing to think about how open I am and available to what could become of my life in the future. It's true, what I dreamed. Total happiness could be right around the corner and how worthwhile the trials and tribulations faced in my years of being single will have been!!

Good morning. Good vibes!!

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