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August 7, 2023 ~ Trying Something New

So, sleep, on a scale of 1-10, = 7. I'm having a little trouble getting motivated to get out the door. I'm supposed to be working on my laptop all day developing SOPs for the job that I already do. Feels like I'm going to be doing a job I wasn't hired to do, getting paid less than someone who would typically do this type of work, to help someone else make a lot more money than me. I could look at it that way OR...

I could look at it as an opportunity to show off, gain more experience to add to my resume, watch, measure and grow a portion of this business that employs me. Let's start thinking this way instead! Pull out skills haven't used in a minute. Add bells and whistles. And don't complain!

I titled this blog "Trying Something New" because I am. I'm on Day 1 of trying to take my morning meds at the same time every morning. Normally I just take it when I think of it. Let's see if it makes a difference. I think I've been putting this off because of fear of failure, that I will forget and be disappointed. But my mind is in a good place to try to start a new habit and once a habit is formed... this is as good a time as any.

Mem exercise didn't prep on app yet today - tried to do it. Coffee taken in. Meds taken. Ad designed and scheduled. Bed made. Dogs taken care of with a mental note - maybe take them to the park this evening. They were neglected this weekend. No daily plan. Just updated Friday's records. Interesting, employer decided to throw in insurance reimbursement - work on that later. GET READY MIMI YOU'RE GOING TO BE LATE!!

Ugh. Feels like a Monday. Have a great day!

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