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August 9, 2023 ~ Being Set Up

So! I've spent the last couple of days and will continue producing SOPs for my job, which is interesting but also setting me up! For failure or success, this has yet to be determined. My employer thinks we need to start sending out emails from 8-9am, prior to hitting the road for the day, BUT... when are we going to have the time to plan anything? It's challenging, trying to figure out how things will work in the future for KPIs, with a not-so-user-friendly CRM, new access to a database of info... and supervision.

It's possible to do the planning in the morning AND send emails, with practice. It would be better to do the planning in the afternoons, returning to the office around 3-3:30pm instead of 4-4:30pm. I'm almost always too tired to do anything returning when I do as I have been - so I wait until the morning to update my records. Ugh. Let me do a normal blog post THEN start officially working for the day!

How is my mental health? Good question. I would say on a scale of 1-10, an 8. Because I'm functioning, somewhat content, not up or down, enough energy to do the things I need to do but not enough to strike creativity or ambition.

Yesterday I drove to the corporate office in Hampton for our Tuesday morning sales meeting. After the meeting my supervisor had me ride with him on an errand, which was time I could have spent on the SOPs. (over an hour) He really doesn't want me working on them without him because he wants to retain some credit for them. He literally talks about this. Then we spent a couple hours on my laptop at the library.

Home around 4:30, I napped in the sun for a couple of hours. Watched some Big Bang then Suits and went to bed early. Sleep around 11:30. If I could stop napping and go to bed earlier life might make a little more sense, but I feel so unproductive and useless when I'm tired. I'd rather sleep it off.

Had a nice talk with Kalob on the way home. I'm getting excited about our baby coming! I also had to tell him once again how good Rowan was for me over the weekend. I am so proud of her. (I completed my puzzle Mon night and all of the pieces were there, even though she'd been over. Good girl!)

Woke up to my alarm at 6:30... slept pretty well. Dogs check. Coffee check. Can't do mem exercise because settings are off on my phone app (it wasn't ready for me). Ad designed and scheduled... check. Turned laundry over. May vacuum. Set clothes out for this evening if I think of it.

I'll be meeting my supervisor at Panera to continue working on SOPs in a bit.

This evening I'm going to Kings Dominion with a girlfriend. THAT I can look forward to!

Quick note: Several photos of me were posted on Facebook this morning from Saturday's party. I was in my bathing suit and look SO BIG!! It's time for me to focus on my physical health a little bit. Tone up. I wish it wasn't so difficult to do!

Ok! I'm feeling a little energy! Have an amazing day!

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