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Chester Memories, and a Marriage

Fourteen years of a fifteen year marriage living in Chester, Virginia. Lovely memory today of a grown man stopping traffic to get out of his truck and scream at a car of teenagers for disrespecting him. There have been very few times in my life when I've been as embarrassed.

And there was the day we were driving down the road with 3 dogs in the back of our pickup, none with any experience riding in the back of a truck, on a busy road. I was TERRIFIED. He insisted, "they have to learn sometime." Really? How about taking them on deserted roads first?

Then there were the wonderful days when he was falling asleep at the wheel anemic, and he'd scream at me if I argued about wanting to drive. There were times when he would put the truck in park to doze at traffic lights, he was so sick.

There was screaming in the truck over the purchase of a piece of furniture.

There was the time he jumped out of the car and ran into the woods, a shortcut to walk home, angry. And he got mad at me for not parking the car and folllowing him.

The canceled fishing trip because the kids were 10 min late coming from Prince George. I had to tell them in the driveway.

The bacon we couldn't offer two teenage boys. Ugh.

The staples scattered in the yard where my dogs walked, from taking down the screened porch.

The books destroyed by the elements, because they weren't protected in the neglected shed.

The fleas crawling out of my neglected Choper, dead on the veterinarian's table.

There's the restaurant where he threw a wad of cash in front of a bunch of guys playing poker, within weeks of our home being broken into.

Fights over leaving my son's belongings in his room after he moved out. There were 4 bedrooms in that house and overnight guests were rare. 2200 square feet. They could've been left alone.

There was the spotless kitchen. I still don't know what he broke in his rage that night.

There was the tub of dried, canned and frozen food donated to us when we couldn't pay our bills, in 2018 (2019?)... while the 2 motorcycles and boat sat unwilling to be sold.

The camera on that phone that ALMOST...

There was the yelling at me when I was trying to find the GPS in the glovebox during a snowstorm because I "should know where I'm going!"

The room he refused to cross during a pool tournament when I wanted to introduce him to some potential new friends. I was desperate for new friends. He said the room was too smoky.

The lonely walk on the beach. He was nice enough to drop me off at one spot and pick me up at another.

Time staring out the bathroom window on beautiful afternoons, wishing we hadn't left the lake so early.

The time I wanted to grab my son and take us out of the restaurant, when he was being bullied, mocked and humiliated.

Next time my appts are in Chester maybe I won't remember all of these things.

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