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Feeling really good about my current situation. Things are working out the way they are meant to and the right, imperfect man will come along when he's meant to.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the attention that I do get because I'm not getting any younger! ❤️🥰💕

I'm 49 and almost 3 months. How long should I plan to stay 49? It's a game for so many! I know this... I want to feel good and celebrate well next year... I hope I do!

I met a man last night! And it was hilarious. He's way too young for me but it was a big surprise to him, when he figured it out. I watched him do the math in his head and do a double-take! Lol

We were talking a little... I asked him if he was married or dating anyone at the club because I noticed he danced with a lot of women. He said no. I told him one of my best friends is a happily married man who's tossed around between like 40 different women because so few men dance... and he [my friend] has been teaching me how to swing dance. Turns out, John loves to swing dance too! So I asked him if her mind dancing with me a bit. It was fun! (He's also tall and handsome btw)

He said, "I'm divorced and have custody of my two kids, who are 8 and 10." I said, "Oh, I only have one, a son, he's 24."

John looked shocked. Stuttered. Said, "We'll, I, uh, started late!" Lol ❤️

No numbers were exchanged because I'm not going to mess up the opportunity to have a great dancing partner. We had fun! And he line dances 3 times a week, faithfully!

And I didn't ask his age.

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