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December 10, 2023 ~ Well!

Well! They come and they go. It would have been nice if M had just told me he wasn't interested anymore, instead of a total blow off. I'm fine.

Yesterday I spent the entire day doing yard work and waiting to hear from him. There was a lot to do. Also vacuumed, gave the kitchen an overdue scrub, and did like 5 loads of laundry. How does 1 woman accumulate so much dirty laundry? Ugh! 2 dogs helps! (Towels and blankets)

I went out with Don, Tonya and Dan last night and had fun. Didn't get any dancing in though. I'll have to fix that and hit someplace mid-week this week I think. My bones are hurting!

My cold is finally completely gone. A good thing.

Diesel's begging for attention on my lap. 🥰

I'm planning on spending the day with my kids. Was going to take Rowan to a parade but it was canceled due to rain. Now we have a play date scheduled with Rachel and her kids. It'll be fun!

We'll probably work on our gingerbread house too, and finish painting our ceramics.

Poor Gabby is over her pregnancy. :) Baby boy is starting to drop. 🥰🥰

Need to take my meds/vitamins... feed dogs... news. Shower.

Have an amazing day!

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