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December 11, 2023 ~ Monday

Goood morning! Had an amazing day with my kids yesterday. I took Rowan for a play date with Clare, Christopher, and LJ. LJ is 7 and remembered me, even though we hadn't seen each other in years. He came up and gave me the biggest hug when we first got there. Apparently, I bought him a stuffed animal to give during Clara's baby shower and he still sleeps with it. 🥰

After that, took a nice, long nap on Kalob's sofa, then helped the kids trim their tree.

Going back this evening to make the gingerbread house once and for all. It'll be our 3rd attempt!

This morning I'm waking up to snow and ice; the first this year. I'll have to bundle up today!

Need to take meds/vitamins, maybe sleep a little more. News. Coffee. Dogs.

Have an amazing day!

~ MiMi

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