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December 13, 2023 ~ 0 Gifts!

Good morning! I can't believe it's the 13th and Christmas is almost here! And our baby boy! This weekend... time to get my shopping done. Yay!

Yesterday is a day I'm glad came to an end. I've been a bit down. Being tired from having trouble sleeping Monday night didn't help. I worked a full day and kept planted on the sofa watching Big Bang all night

I cheated to help myself get through the day by putting word out on social media about my bad luck. It was wonderful getting some attention in that way. I talk about recovering with technology in my book. It really helps!

I had trouble sleeping last night too, but realized one of the reasons was super simple. I hadn't taken Benadryl yet. I forgot to add it to my pill box over the weekend. This would've helped Mon night too. Anyway, sleep came.

The countdown is on for my self-imposed Dec 25 deadline for my book's first draft. If I avoid life drama I may be able to make it. My life is just fine single. Ugh!! Focus, MiMi!

Some things to add to the book, a list of famous people who have mental health challenges.. more about Recovery Reaources & Support. Mayne a sample of my old newsletter. A list of national resources. This is not too much. Maybe I need to talk about breakups a bit more.

Today I team up with a coworker to go to a couple prospects. I need to plan my day between the stops. Tonight I play pool.

Meds/vitamins. Dogs. Coffee. Blog. News. Shower soon.

Have an amazing day!

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