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December 14, 2023 ~ Thurs

Undefeated I stand in 8-ball with the session almost over. Ranked up in 9-ball. Whew! Winning is fun for a change. Switched leagues recently. 😉

Yesterday was a long day, including a 2- hour wait to play my match last night. Though I like winning, I really have a difficult time with the waiting that happens sometimes. Guess I'm not the best team player.

Today will be a long but easy day. Need to pick up a gift for tomorrow's white elephant game at the office party. And I need to pick up meds. Maybe a dress or two. Leggings.

I keep thinking about lights and lawn ornaments for my hard. It's not too late to enjoy them if I want.

This weekend it'll be time to nail down a cruise for my 50th! I have 5 friends ready to go with!

Meds/vitamins. Dogs. Coffee. News. Facebook good morning. Try not to check social media and messages so much today MiMi. It's not been good. ❤️

Have an amazing day!

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