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December 2, 2023 ~ An Incredible Day and Night

Had an unexpected and lovely day off yesterday, a precautionary measure taken by my supervisor. He said just take the day off to be on the safe side from the Covid exposure.

I spent the entire day being lazy and spending time getting to know M. Our conversation didn't stop all day. I like him! He's fun.

At around 3 I took off to test again, and pick up my girl. We went to the city and ate chicken fingers and listened to music. It was light up RVA, an annual event when the city's tree and more gets lit up with Christmas decorations. Rowan was mesmerized by the Grinch, a man in a costume, who spoke to the audience about stealing Christmas. The show included him being escorted off the stage by a police officer.

She also loved the live music. Gravitating toward the stage every time a new band started. That's my girl!

We stoped at Michael's on the way home for some Christmas things to paint this weekend and took a walk around the pond at the VA Center Commons area. Completed our outing with a walk through PetSmart too. 🥰

At home, we found not one, not two, but three different versions of the Grinch to watch on TV. We played instruments, stacked blocks, and Rowan put her ornaments on my tree, completing it for me.

I heard from M several times last night, even though he was out with friends for the night. I guess he likes me too!

This morning, we're lounging in bed. Soon, I'll draw a bubble bath for Rowan and we'll get ready for the Richmond Christmas parade.

After that, I imagine I'll acquiesce to a request to stop at the park. Lol. And maybe we'll stop at a restaurant for a good breakfast. Maybe Eat 33.

There is a Toys for Tots drive at the Dugout today; I'm thinking about picking up some toys for us to drop off. A lesson for Rowan.

At some point my second weekend guest will arrive, Kalob and Gabby will drop off Azul, their 140 lb dog. Love him so much!

I hate to do it, but I may try to squeeze in some yard work this weekend too, if the rain holds out. I have a THICK blanket of leaves in the back. Need to check the county leaf pickup date and see if I'm too late. Ugh!

Meds/vitamins check. Remembered only because of this Blog! Off my regular schedule. Dogs. News. Snacks for Rowan. Played a little flute for her already, at her request! ❤️🥰

We're havinh an amazing day already and hope you are too!

~ MiMi

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