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December 21, 2023 ~ Thurs

Ugh I'm so sick! My nose, my throat... energy level. Bam. Out!

Yesterday was a bad day. Woke up sick then had car trouble too. I have a rental while the jeep is being checked out because I have deliveries to make. Holiday packages for clients with popcorn and peanuts. Yesterday, had to pull over and nap in the parking lot of a sheetz half way to Stafford. Ugh!

Today, just 3 packages left, all in richmond. I'll be masking up again

I don't think I'll be making it to our company Christmas party tomorrow. 😞

Awesome communication with my sister this morning. Love her so much!

Called Gabby yesterday and told her to hold that baby inside for a few more days while I get well!

Maybe I'll actually go get some antibiotics this morning if possible. I can't be sick if Kalob Junior comes!! Yes. I need to do to the doctor.

Meds/vitamins/medicine. Check! Dogs. News. Coffee. Blog. Need to do a New Year's Eve flyer for the Dugout today if I get the info I need.

Have an amazing day!

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