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December 24, 2023 ~ Christmas Eve!

Merry Christmas Eve! It's a beautiful day here in Richmond, Virginia. Supposed to hit 60 today. The sun is shining.

This weekend kinda stinks as I'm still dealing with cold symptoms. It looks like I won't be able to see my kids tomorrow because of it too. We can't risk getting Gabby sick since she's due to have KJ any day now. 😢

I'm afraid tomorrow may be a really, really bad day for me because of it. Christmas. 🎄 I'm trying to think of what I may do to get through. Holidays are hard enough. Try being single, living alone, and sick.

**** At least it's only a cold and I'm not fighting something like Covid or RSV. I can keep reminding myself of that.

I'm still driving, and paying for, a rental car. Of all things, my Jeep broke down the day after I booked my cruise? Ugh. It's turning into an expensive problem which may result in buying a new car. At least the Jeep is almost paid off. I need to keep reminding myself of that.

Yesterday, had an amazing, long conversation with my beautiful sister, like we haven't had in a while. We talked about a ton of things, including family concerns. It was really nice to gain her perspective on issues.

I also had a nice conversation with my brother.

Last night, went out and tried to do a little dancing. My friend bailed though so I was on my own and dancing didn't work out so well. I ran into the girls I used to be friends with at one bar and had to leave. Ran into a friend at another, called another friend to join us, and sat, 3 of us, at the Ville. I generally don't like just sitting at bars, preferring activity. Dancing or playing pool. We did sing a little karaoke which was different and fun.

Today, on my own. I may do a little shopping to get out of the house. Definitely will walk the dogs around the block. Poor Diesel has been couped up in this house for days. Riley too, but he doesn't care as much.

That's Diesel.

And that's my Riley. Handsome boy.

I have my book printed out and can maybe get into some writing today. I've been struggling to focus on it.

Yesterday, my brother really paid me a huge compliment on my writing, which inspired me to finish it up. But this last stretch feels so important. A little daunting. I can't believe I'm really doing it and sharing some of the things I'm sharing.

He said maybe my writing of this blog is my calling. If that is true, does that not mean it may also be time, soon, to share it more publicly?

I really do believe this blog has been the most helpful tool for me. I'd say, almost as helpful for my recovery as my WRAP. Almost.

I just received a text message from someone I haven't heard from in years, someone living in recovery. A Merry Christmas. It's pretty awesome to think about being thought of at this day and time by people I used to work with/for. It was a man that used to be on the Board of Directors with me, when I was President, of Friends 4 Recovery Whole Health Center. Or was he a Director when I was Treasurer? A lifetime ago.

Friends 4 Recovery was a wellness center run by and for individuals with mental health challenges like mine. It was a really special place. They had to close last year due to the loss of funding. I think it had something to do with someone who worked there getting violent with a coworker.

Well! If I'm not well enough and free from obligation right now then I never will be! So... no more excuses. Time to focus on my book and get some writing in. Maybe tomorrow, if I don't get to see the kids, I'll be wrapping it up after all. 🥰

Meds/vitamins check. Dogs. Coffee. Facebook. Blog. News.

Have an absolutely amazing day!

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