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December 25, 2023 ~ Christmas

Waking up this Christmas morning trying to remember all of my blessings and how much worse things have been or could be. I'm not where I want to be today, but I'm not going to be alone. Meg's family invited me to eat with them. And I'm not 100% well, but I'm not sick in my head. And I might be single but I have family and friends who love me. Life is good.

I've been writing for probably an hour this morning. I may not have my book done today but I feel progress has been made. I think it's coming together. I'm proud of how far along I am with it.

The truth is, I'm not smart enough for M, I think. I think this is the reason he gave us up this week. I'm not his person. It's ok. He needs someone he can talk politics and playlists with. My memory just isn't wired for it. This understanding is how I will make the rejection ok. We just weren't connecting on an intellectual level.

It is so quiet out and in my house this morning. Somber. It's nice to think about all of the children, including my Rowie, around the world waking up to gifts from Santa.

Blogging about my meds/vitamins this morning just reminded me to take them. One of the many, MANY benefits of blogging. Coffee. Dogs. Keep writing until PC battery gets low. Then watch some news.

Have an amazing day and Merry Christma

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