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December 26, 2023 ~ Over

Well, it was definitely a Christmas I am not sad to see go. How strange it was for me this year. Sick, plumbing issues, rental car, what a mess.

Did have a video call with the kids which was nice. And went to a great dinner over at Josh and Rachel's. It was fun being around their 3 children for Christmas with their grandma, Meg. Meg is a good friend and on my team, as listed in my book. She was ready to let me move in with her with my dogs after my episode last year. 🥰

Still, I'm glad the holiday has passed. Now, baby time!! Any day now!

I also did some writing yesterday and took a very big step - shared a rough draft of my book with my sister, Casey. I think the book is at about 95%. Just needs some tweaking of the conclusion.

Today, hopefully I will have a plumber here to fix whatever is going on. Maybe I'll hear good news about my jeep. I'll wash my hair in the kitchen sink and get ready for work in a bit. Sticking close to home. Maybe I'll get some more writing in.

Meds/vitamins/cold meds because I'm STILL stopped up/more Emergen-C. Today is day 8 of my cold! News. Coffee. Dogs. It's raining out there. Ugh!

Have an amazing day!

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