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December 27, 2023 ~ Finally!

It's been 9 days since I first developed a symptom and FINALLY I'm feeling like I'm on the mend! I have to say, I had COVID twice and neither case was so bad! It was just... constant! This morning I wake up feeling dry and clean in my nose, almost. :). Looks like I may be ready for baby KJ when he gets here after all!

Yesterday was a day. I managed to figure out that no, my property management company did NOT have a plumber scheduled to come yesterday after all. The mechanic's shop was closed. Missed our sales meeting because I forgot about it being Tuesday (and not Monday). It was a rough start to the day!

I did manage to get in 8 visits, though all management companies were closed. Met a gentleman also writing a book, 84-year-old Karlis, when dropping off his belated gift from my company. An hour well spent! And I made it to WaWa twice. Mentioning the need to use a public restroom because my plumbing is broke!! Ugh!

I went out for awhile to get my mind off things last night and it worked. It was fun.

This morning, I wait on the plumber. Need to plan my day on the road...

Meds/vitamins. Dogs (they're NOT happy about the rain!). Will turn on news. Facebook. Coffee. WaWa soon!

Have an amazing day!

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