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December 28, 2023 ~ Thursday

Meds/vitamins check. Dogs. Coffee. News. Slept well and feeling pretty good. Still a little sniffly but better.

Kalob Junior's almost here! I can't stand it!

Yesterday was a really interesting workday. I was late heading out because I had to wait on the plumber to do his job. Hopefully is was just a soft clog but my house is going to be scheduled for a clean out so the mainline can be accessed for inspection. I also had to do an unexpected thing, swap my rental car out. The windshield wipers weren't working and it was raining cats and dogs all day! Enterprise had to tow it and send an Uber for me.

It was an interesting workday because I ran into an old boyfriend of one of my ex-sister-in-laws on a property. We had a good talk and he gave me a lead too. Nice guy. It was also a good day because I had a conversation with Kathy, CPM and friend at another property who gave me a report on her meeting with my new estimator. He did a really, really good job for her last week, including telling her that she'd been told incorrectly by another contractor that a roof needed replaced. She was very happy. Good stuff!

I just relaxed at home last night and absorbed everything that has been going on. Saved some money by eating a cheese sandwich for dinner, fighting the urge to order pizza. Money is getting really tight this week.

I also heard from a really old boyfriend via Facebook. He's separated from his wife. White collar. Just a nice guy. We shared photos and stories and are going to get together to play some pool soon. He used to be the House Pro at The Playing Field in 1997, when I moved to Richmond. I waited on tables there. What a long time ago!

I called mom and had a short conversation about how our baby's almost here! Also told her how I shared a first draft of my book with my sister. With all of the negative things that have been going on, my car, my plumbing, did I tell you my lawnmower broke too?, my cold... I don't think I've given the move the celebration it deserves. :)

I realize my energy level was down with my cold and creativity bone stressed... there's still much I can add to the book. When I'm 100%. But a goal is to keep it simple, and to meet the May deadline... so I'm going to try not to over complicate it.

I thought I should probably tell a little more of my story in the beginning, add some more positive spin in the conclusion and elaborate a little on a few of the topics.

I wonder how Casey feels about the section on alcohol. Is it irresponsible of me to leave it so little? Health issues like mine and alcohol are not supposed to mix. But they do for so many people. There are SO many people out there who self medicate. I dont want them to feel bad about themselves for it, as long as they are safe. Its just another challenge. Perhaps, that's exactly what I need to say in my book. 📕

I'm also wondering how she feels about what I say about family members. Too much? Too little? Too positive? Negative?

I need to work on a plan for my day. I'm feeling a real sense of peace right now, having the plumbing operating properly! Wow we can take things for granted!

I'll probably go out for a little while this evening. Maybe go ahead and take John up on his offer to play pool. I'm not 100% sure I could go to the hospital for a baby yet and need to self assesss. I could always wear a mask!! BABY!!! We're still at home right now though. Gabby's doctor said if she hasn't done into labor by Monday they'll go ahead and break her water. BABY!!

Have an amazing day!

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