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December 3, 2023 ~ Rowan

Good morning! We're just having a lovely weekend. I think Rowan is too, considering she keeps saying she loves me, is having a great. time, smiling like crazy and wishing everyone we see a Merry Christmas! Yesterday was a busy day.

We made the parade in time and find a great spot. It was two hours long! And Rowan, as usual, made friends.

After the parade we had a good breakfast of pancakes, French toast and bacon at Eat 33. Came home to watch the Grinch, Home Alone, and rest for a bit. Rowan made a beautiful sunflower with her play dough.

We then went to Pizzaro for dinner outside, checked out the fish and enjoyed pizza.

On to Big Lots to pick up toys for the Toys for Tots Drive at the Dugout. Dropped the toys off, talked to Santa about losing her list! lol and said hello to a couple people.

Back home for more Grinch, Tom & Jerry, Christmas Chronjcles and painting of a Christmas tree and penguin. Went to bed quite a bit earlier this time. At least Rowan did, I'm finding it tricky to get comfortable with a baby and 3 big dogs in my bed! lol!

M and I spoke a couple times last night. He's being really sweet about the situation at hand, running into people I don't want to be around. We had a nice talk about it. He's also just being great about EVERYTHING. I'm really looking forward to seeing him again. Today, in fact.

This morning, it's guess what on the tv. The Grinch! I'm thinking I should get a Grunch blow up for my yard this year. This girl is obsessed!

Meds/vitamins. 3 dogs. Snack for Rowie. Coffee. No news because my TV's been taken over lol.

We may paint some more. We have a gingerbread house to put together. Rowan will be picked up sometime probably around noon or 1? Right now, she's playing money magic, changing pennies to quarters and back. :)

Have an amazing day!

I wish all individuals in recovery from mental health challenges had the opportunity to play such a big role in the life of a grandchild. I do not take it for granted for one minute. Many are cut off and rejected by family and friends because of behavior and bad choices. ❤️🥰❤️🥰 I'm very, very blessed!!

I believe it has everything to do with always trying my best to be open and honest with my son about my health issues, and intentions. I really am a good person that just has a few challenges to navigate in life.

I guess I should also acknowledge the role in my recovery played by the incredible staff at Chesterfield County Mental Health (Chesterfield, Virginia) back in 2006, for introducing me to a recovery-oriented culture and way of living. ❤️🥰

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