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December 9, 2023 ~ Sat Morning

Morning! Had a long, busy day yesterday trying to make up for being distracted from work on Weds and Thurs. Need to update my KPIs still and work on my target list of maintenance directors. Oy

Made a good breakfast for me and M, hit the road. Had another salad and upset my stomach, again, like a dummy for lunch! Ugh!

Dinner with the kids after picking up their Christmas tree. Chinese. Yummy!

Home by 8, took a nap and was still tired so decided just to stay in and call it a night. Didn't hear from anyone to do anything anyway. No worries.

Today have the previously mentioned work to do, yard work, dishes, laundry. I may sleep a little more.

Tonight is supposed to be a party but not sure, if family issues for M resume. It's so sad.

Have an amazing day!

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