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February 21, 2024 ~ Weds

Good morning! It's cold but pretty out!

Spent yesterday morning training two people to research and record results in a way the info can be transferred to our database. Drive to Williamsburg for a lunch and learn so that I could video my boss' presentation. Spent the afternoon doing the research for my supervisor because they found it to be too difficult. Have more hours of it to do today before starting another project. The data geek in me is getting a nice dose of different for work right now and I like it. Don't have to be on the road this week at all.

I went out for just a little while last night but was bored and came home.

I'm excited my last jeep payment was made yesterday. ! Now I can use that $ to work on my credit card debt from the Jeep breaking down, the baby shower and Christmas. I'm thinking about finding a side job I can do on the weekends to work on it too. There should be something I can do.

I worked a little more on my book yesterday. I think I'll make another deadline for the end of this month, for giving it to Gabby. I know a couple major changes I need to make. I want to go into more detail about what I learned about recovery after my 2006 episode in the beginning, and be more thoughtful in the conclusion. I also need to update my WRAP from Gabby's suggestions.

I'm feeling good except keenly aware that I need to buckle down on finances and start staying home more. Maybe stop playing in the pool league for a little while and save that money, and stop having to stay out so late on Weds nights. I need a new project/hobby to keep me home. I'm not finding jigsaw puzzles as relaxing as in the past. Maybe work on learning some new skills - Microsoft Office, e.g. or pursue a real estate license. Property management certification? Research how to become an influencer?

** I can do more to help with my performance at work. Practice the presentation. Study my prospects. There are things I can do.

Do I want to advertise to try to get more clients for Mountain MaMa's Marketing? There may be more $ to be made there, but do I want to put time into it? Do I enjoy it? Would it stress me out?

I need to put time into getting physically fit. I'm about 7 lbs over the weight I feel I should be. The weather hasn't been helping this since it's kept me from wanting to walk. I need to get over this. It's not good for me OR them to be lazy. I was happy that Riley did well on a walk with me and Diesel a couple evenings ago though. His anxiety didn't get in the way of him joining us. He didn't try dragging me faster around the block... much!

Meds/vitamins. Dogs. Riley's barking at me to go out! Coffee. News. Facebook. :)

Have an amazing day!

In putting a more positive spin on my post, let's change all of the I need tos, to I get tos! Follow the lead of this Facebook post I just read, after publishing my blog post! 🤪

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