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February 23, 2024 ~ Friday

Good morning! I have to say that yesterday morning was pure joy with my grandbabies. While Gabby slept, I received the biggest smiles I've received to date from Kalob. My heart belongs to him and Rowan!

Last night, dinner with a friend, turned a little romantic. I wonder. I told him I wasn't sure yet, but I did have a really good time. He hinted that I could invite him to read my blog so, I think I may stop here. Not ready for that yet.

It would be really nice if the next man I date enjoys dancing, like he does. We actually have a lot in common. Dancing, sun, water, friends...

It's also important that I date someone with a good understanding and acceptance of my health challenges, which he has. He told me that not only has he thought long and hard about everything I've shared with him, but he's done research on his own to try to understand me. 🥰

An added bonus, as if all of that weren't enough, he is encouraging me to publish my book. I really need someone like him if I'm going to date anyone. We talked a lot about my concerns last night. He understood.

I have a lot of work to do this morning to get ready for another lunch and learn today. Oy. It could be an important one.

Meds/vitamins. Coffee. Dogs. News. Facebook.

Have an amazing day!

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