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February 24, 2024 ~ Sat

Woah what a morning yesterday. My boss messaged me at 7am and said to have ready for him my takeaway from his presentation Thursday, and to be ready to facilitate the presentation yesterday! I spent 5 hours in stress getting ready, ordering the lunch, getting things straight with invoives, showering and going through the slides - for him to change his mind! 😡 Trying not to be mad because it was his prerogative, but I was ready and excited! I think he did it because he was mad that I didn't put enough time into my takeaway from the day before. I told him I'd write more later. He said he was doing it because our sales rep was present and he wanted him to see the full presentation.

Home at 3 and rested the rest of the day and evening. G came over for a little while and watched Shawshank Redemption with me.

E wanted to come over but I said no to staying the night so he chose not to. I'm not ready for that. Maybe soon?

I've been thinking a lot about E and all he has to offer, understanding me, and wanting to treat me right. I believe he really cares and that means something.

This morning I'm going to get in a visit with my kids. A short one, since they have plans to go to a baby shower. 🥰

Gotta get ready! This blog just reminded me to take my meds/vitamins. Already did coffee, dogs, news. Need Facebook. ❤️ Designed a new post for the Dugout.

Have an amazing day!

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