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February 29, 2024 ~ Thurs

Good morning!

Spent two hours on a call with my boss and supervisor yesterday morning, a good call about a couple specials projects I've been working on. Then the full day spent on working on one of them.

Pool last night and I was totally uncomfortable. My weight. My shirt was too tight and my pants too short (a result of not trying on jeans before buying them). And I accidentally wore heeled boots because it was pouring down rain. I still managed to win in 8-ball and almost in 9.

I thought a lot last night about a level of irritability I've been experiencing. I'm wanting to chalk it up to the weather because I haven't been getting sun. Yes life has been stressful too. I really need to get some fresh air. Get the dogs to the park.

Maybe stepping away from the book for a minute isn't the end of it. I literally am just experiencing wintertime blues. It's ok and something to add?

It's really been bothering me that Kalob said maybe I'm not doing as well as I think?

Why should I be sharing tips for living a healthy life if mine isn't healthy? Is mine unhealthy?

Should I not be proud?

This morning, Thurs., I wake up trying to get the energy to go see Gabby and my babies but I'm not sure I'll make it. I'm also worried about getting another call from my boss. It may be a good morning to stay home. I hope Gabby got some good sleep!

While I decide, I'll grab another cup of coffee.

Oh, Amy comes tomorrow! Yay! We're going to get in a lot of baby time and have an overnight with Rowie while she's here. Fun!

Meds/vitamins. Coffee. Dogs. News. Need to say good morning on fb.

Have an amazing day!

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