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February 3, 2024 ~ A Tough Night

Good morning! I had a tough night last night but made it through.

I went out with friends and danced, but couldn't stop thinking about M. I'm still disappointed that we didn't work out. He was a lot of fun. And his entrance into my life was fun and unexpected. I realize now, though, that he either never had any real interest in me, so I was used, or he turned away from me because of my health challenges.

They impact my memory to a degree, or at least did in the past before finding my newest medication, so I had trouble keeping up with politics. M wanted to talk about politics but I couldn't participate. I also have had trouble remembering the names and lyrics of songs, and he is big into that. I think he may have turned away from me because I can be too ignorant to converse with.

Usually I'm ok with being on my own but I couldn't stop thinking about the fun we had last night, because we were in a venue where he and I have bumped into each other, the Great American Ranch in Mechanicsville. I came home early because of it.

I'm a little lonely.

I think I'll take Diesel over to see the kids and get some grandbaby time in. 🥰

We're also supposed to talk about my WRAP plan this weekend.

Meds/vitamins. Dogs. Coffee. News.

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