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Updated: Oct 27, 2023

Welcome everyone to Gabby’s Baby Shower!

Thank you so much for coming to help us “shower” her with gifts and get ready for the newest little fisherman in our family. We couldn’t be more delighted to have you all here today, especially since many of you traveled great distances.

I’ve had the honor of meeting most if not all of you over the years. Forgive me if I need help with some of your names. I’m Kalob’s mom, otherwise known as MiMi. I’m one of this baby-to-be’s MANY loving grandparents. He is a very blessed baby to have many!

Before we get this party started I want to share with you how much it means to me to have each and every one of you here and to be here myself, sharing this joyous occasion. Kalob has found himself a wonderful soulmate in Gabby and their family is growing. It’s a beautiful thing to watch and this baby is cause for a great celebration.

Rowan is going to be a big sister! Are you ready Rowan?

I am going to be a grandma – AGAIN! And being a grandma to Rowan has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

We’re having a boy and, if he’s like his father was, he’s going to be smart, fun, loving, energetic and ready to go! Kalob, Rowan’s daddy, was quick to walk, quick to talk, and he talked and talked and talked. He loved dinosaurs, snakes, trains, cars, music, his grandparents, fishing, swimming, every single person he ever met. He never knew a stranger! His favorite saying, which I literally had put on my car license plate for a bit, was “my do it!”

He was our little Buda Boy, who walked upright belly first with confidence, strength and a smile!

But seriously, after watching Kalob grow up to be a wonderful son, grandson, friend, partner, and father, and knowing Gabby and watching her parent Rowan, I know that no matter what our little man’s qualities are, even if he doesn’t love to fish (which Kalob forbade me to mention the possibility of), he will be protected, supported, and given every opportunity to learn and grow in a house full of love and laughter.

While you’re here we’re each going to enjoy a treat called the Victorian Tea (it includes freshly baked scones, jam, Devonshire cream, assorted tea sandwiches, and a fruit skewer), cakes, and games, compliments of Mickie Abigail, a dear friend of Gabby’s, whom I’d like to thank very much for helping this day come together. You’re a very, very good friend. And of course, we’ll let Gabby open her many gifts!

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