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Good Morning!

We have a visitor!

Someone has been begging to stay overnight with MiMi for a little while now but weekends haven't been working out for one reason or another. One weekend, for example, I was battling depression and my energy level was too low. Another, daddy needed some time. We all want to spend time with Rowie!

Anyway, Rowie and I got tired of waiting so we cheated traditional visitation dates and scheduled a middle-of-the-week visit! We played with play dough, watched a movie, ate popcorn... read a book.

This morning it's water colors and now, a movie to music because we like to dance!

I wouldn't trade our special mornings for anything in the world!

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James Wood
James Wood
15 jun 2023

Good morning 🌞 Hope you have a wonderful day 🥰

Me gusta
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