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Haven’t Written Much Past Few Days

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

So I haven't written as much the past few days and I have a confession. I think I was a little manic over the weekend. I was just going nonstop. I slept fine, took my meds... but was on the go! It's ok, and not ok.

I'm going to try not to read into it too much but be mindful. Is something starting, and, if so, can it be stopped. Oy. One day at a time.

Sat was too much fun. We're not going to talk about Sat except I am recovering from a bull. Sunday, designed ads and updated TR records in the am, Lake Anna with T and S and kids in the afternoon, movie with JD at night.

Mon work... 2 leads (Quarter Mill and Verena at the Glen) and dinner with the kids ❤️❤️ bed early. I'm pooped! Have done too much.

Today, Tues, meetings in VA Beach and work in Richmond. Supervisor seems ok so maybe things at work are ok.

Suits and Big Bang evening. Watched some TilTok videos. Spoke to mom she's well. Recovering.

Last night Amy told me Brad's not well. Not eating. I'll pray for him.

I've been keeping up with memory exercises, maybe not remembering gratitude every day. I'm GRATEFUL EVERY DAY for my kids!! And my dogs. It's one thing to be that way and another to consiously remember it, to THINK of it. I am!!

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