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January 12, 2024 ~ TGIF!

Thank goodness it's Friday! I have a lot to do this weekend! First, yesterday.

Yesterday morning I processed a conversation had the night before, with a gentleman interested in exploring a new employment arrangement. Whether it works out or not, I found the position intriguing. Imagine, using my skills understanding human behavior on a daily basis and not in the mental health field. It's something I could really do and well, I believe, and not burn out (like I did in that field).

It also reminded me how much I enjoy helping people and how rewarding working in the mental health field was.

I may have made a mistake and reached out to him again, about our conversation, and used the opportunity to connect my experience with the job skills required. I hadn't elaborated very much Weds, caught off guard. I also shared my blog with him.

A problem that can come with my health challenges always has been trying to be too creative and resourceful, accomplish too much too quickly. I do know this. Which is why maybe I shouldn't have made the contact yesterday.

Interestingly, he made a comment that he has a sister with similar challenges. Highlighting he sees the benefit of blogging, and communication between me and my sister.

I'm so grateful for having been given the idea to start this blog, when I was, back in April. It has been life-changing for me. I'm starting to entertain the idea of a podcast now. Either now, or to begin after the publication of my book.

Anyway, maybe I shouldn't have reached out yesterday, but I don't regret it. I truly don't want to work for another individual who doesn't know and understand my health challenges anyway. And... I realize that the publication of my book is right around the corner. No more secrets! It'll be refreshing.

I planned my day around being deep in Chesterfield, to end up at a venue for a date. Or at least a reconnection with an old boyfriend, John.

Feeling accomplished with a great plan for the day, and inspired with a new employment opportunity, I also felt driven to eat healthy and treat myself. I tried a burger, no bun, and small salad at The Grill at Waterford. Not sure I'll order the same thing there again, but I'm proud I did.

I ended my day at Shooters, a new sports bar and grill, where I was to meet John. He had to bump our date from 4pm to 6:30 but I went on in at 4 anyway. I thought I would use the time to review my book in prep for a conversation with. Casey anout it this weekend.

I did end up putting some time into the book, but not before engaging in a distressing hour-long conversation with my boss. Literally, I was in tears by the end. He's just so difficult to work for, given his own qualities. Demanding. Difficult. Insulting. But perhaps not intentional. He self proclaims ADD... I'd add OCD and maybe mood challenged too.

He commands attention and is entirely emotionally draining. I'm having trouble describing our interactions. I will say, it's not in my head. Every person at the office agreed. Hes difficult to work with. A genius, but very difficult. Successful. Well-intended. Prideful. Difficult. Inspiring despite.

Anyway, it was amazing to see John, who reached out to me through Facebook around Christmas. We dated 26 years ago and haven't seen each other since. He's in IT and doing well for himself. He has 3 kids and is separated nearly a year from his wife.

We met to play pool, something we did together when we met years ago. We both worked at the Playing Field, on West Broad Street (a pool hall), when I first moved to Ricjmond im 1997.

We spent 3 hours together and only played 2 games of pool! It was great conversation. And I do have to say... it was FANTASTIC to win the first game in 0 innings. He broke and almost ran out. I ran out on him. LOL!

John was the house pro at the Playinh Field, and one of the best players in Richmond. True, he put his sticks up for quite some time. Still, it was a fair game! He played well. Got stumped on his last ball.

I think we're going to see each other again this weekend.

Oh! I almost forgot. I connected with another old friend yesterday as well, Andrew. He's a psychologist in geriatrics and a musician I went out with a couple of times and became friends with early in my divorce. I reached out to him to see if he had any interest in contributing to my book. I've committed to sharing it with him soon. I'm hoping he'll write a little about psychosis and aging. Share something helpful. He's being really supportive whether he ends up contributing or not. It had been a year since we spoke so it was really nice.

Today, obviously, I have an early start. I'm proud of me for putting myself to bed a little early, and sober. I mentioned I've been going out too much. This morning, I wake up creative and inspired.

Casey should be in town soon, my sister. And the first person to provide me some feedback on the first draft of my book. We have some work to do! I'm feeling a little bad about giving it to her too soon, if I did. I gave it to her on the 25th, knowing I had some more work to do. But I really wanted to meet the deadline. (Was it the 26th, the true deadline? Can't remember). I do feel it's close to a point it could be published. But it can be better.

I've intentionally put my pen down to wait on her feedback, because it's important. I didn't want to make a bunch of changes prematurely, to find she may have better ideas! I'm also trying to pace myself not to burnout on it.

I need to plan out my workday now but also had something really problematic happen that may need to be addressed. For awhile now, my legs will cramp up a little here and there. Very uncomfortably. I've know something is going on with my body. Something to do with arthritis. Just now, I stood up to get coffee and stretched wide, and my entire legs from the knees down cramped up and gave out. I slid to the floor AND COULDN'T GET BACK UP for a bit. I literally scooted myself on the floor from my bedroom through the hallway to the kitchen while waiting for use of my legs again. What the heck??? I'll call my doctor this morning and try to get in. I need to prioritize that over work. Can probably do both.

A beautiful thing is the ability to do my own scheduling in my current position. I'll simply plan the day around my doctor's office.

So this weekend. Work on my book! Visit with Casey! 🥰❤️ Bath my dogs. Maybe go see Andrew's band play tonight in the spirit of reconnecting yesterday. He plays in Exit 38. Maybe see John again. He said he was going to work on plans for us. I'm in if he comes up with something.

I will definitely go see my kids if they permit a visit! 🥰❤️

I have a little shopping for necessities to do, as well as a need to freshen up my winter work wardrobe a little if I can squeeze it in.

Menu changes at the Dugout means a little work too. Whew! It's going to be a productive weekend I can tell.

Coffee. Need meds/vitamins. Done! (Blogging reminded me). News. Dogs are being lazy. My legs are feeling much better.

Have an absolutely amazing day!

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